Results and Future Plans

Alyssa has run and competed all over the world from Hawaii, to New England to Europe. Her true calling is doing the toughest challenges out there in both distance and technicality. She is unique in combining a multi-sport mountain athlete with a prowess for ultra running. She is less interested in flat and fast ultras, but FKTs, 200 mile ultras and mountain adventures that test human limits.

Top Results

95 in 95 Marathon Pending WR
Women’s World Record Project of Consecutive Days Running a Marathon distance completing 95 Marathons in 95 Days. The previous record was 60 marathons in 60 days. Pending Guinness World Record status

Race to the Stones 100km
July 2018- 5th Overall, 1st Female (9:35:32)

HURT 100
Jan 2017 – 3rd Female, 15th Overall, Youngest Finisher (30:30:59)

Vermont 100km
July 2017– Vermont 100km- 3rd Female, 7th Overall (11:19:42)

Eiger Ultra Trail 104km (UTWT)
July 2019– 7th Female, 16:39

Peacock 55 Miler
Oct 2016– 1st Overall, Course Record Holder

Notable Results and Runs

Trans Napoli 90 Mile Run
March 2020- Self made adventure through Amalfi Coast and Napoli bay. Youtube video here

Salomon Ultra Pirineau 110km
Sept 2018- 12th Female, 118th Overall (19:02)

Tantalus Triple Trek 30 Miler
Sept 2017- 1st Female, 6th Overall (4:59:20) CR

Panama City to Destin 50miler
Aug 2020- 7:01:17 Self made run from Panama City Beach to Destin along Gulf Coast

Dragon’s Back Race 315km
May 2019- Dragon’s Back Race 315km DNF on Day 4 due to health issues having been in 2nd place since Day 1.

Tor Des Geants 330km
Sept 2019- DNF at 150 miles due to Bronchitis.

Future Plans


FKT in October, Go Big 240


Ordinance 100km, Scottish National Trail FKT, California Untamed 330mile, Last Skier Standing at Run the Whites, BigHorn 100 miler, Tor Des Giants 330 km OR Moab 240

2022 and Beyond

Run Across America Women’s FKT, Dragon’s Back Race in Wales, Tor Des Geants, The Spine Race, PTL (UTMB Race), Big’s Backyard Ultra, Hardrock, Lavaredo Ultra Trail

100 Miles of Istria, Fatdog 120, Long Trail FKT, Run across or around all Hawaiian Islands, Ramsey Round, Euphoria (Andora Ultra Trail), Badwater 135

I am extremely passionate about racing and love it deeply, but I am also interested in pursuing adventures outside of racing. I am a runner who chooses to take the less obvious trail and set records off race courses. I want to show women are capable of taking on extremely tough challenges without being held back. I also desire to show women at the top of their game, competing against the best competition that both man and nature have to offer.  One day I will be the first American woman to win the Tor des Geants and the Dragons Back race. 

Contact Alyssa at or @theory_in_motion

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