Alyssa Clark – Ultra Runner

95 marathons in 95 days, and more adventures soon…

Whats next for Alyssa ?

Alyssa is accepting coaching clients and is working towards her long term goals of Tor Des Geants and a TBD FKT!

Fun Fact: Alyssa and her husband Codi love winter and have been pursuing Ice Climbing as well as Back Country Ski Touring

Adventures in Italy

Alyssa wasn’t just tackling her marathons in the Italian countryside, she was personal training, exploring, and adventuring.

Dolomites Exploring ….

Alyssa is also available for coaching, mentoring, public speaking and run clinics, globally – contact her for more information.

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Alyssa Clark is a 27 year old, American Ultrarunner and Endurance Adventurer currently based in Monterey, California. She is most well known for running 95 Marathons in 95 Days setting an American record and a pending Women’s Guinness World Record for consecutive days running a marathon distance. She has run and competed all over the world and seeks to take on the most challenging ultras across the globe. Her deepest passion in ultra running is 100+ mile mountain races and adventures. Alyssa and her husband Codi, are passionate ski mountaineering and alpine athletes as well as trail runners. With Codi’s career in the Navy, they have explored many parts of Europe as well as Hawaii, Florida and now California. The couple adopted two stray cats in Italy, affectionately known as Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. Both cats enjoy being walked outside as much as their owners love the mountains.   

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